Friday, February 15, 2008

Book For January

Ok so I didn't get around to writing about it for a while, but I read a great book in January... The Screwtape Letters. I loved this book and managed to read it in less than a week without even reading every day. I really couldn't put it down. As I read I was amazed at how well C.S. Lewis understood the temptations and sins of regular people and managed to write about it in a way that was simply gripping. Though I spoke with a few of my friends about this book and a couple of them said that as they tried to read it in high school it was beyond their grasp. I could see how a person who has not battled with sin on a daily basis and struggled to avoid sinning. Furthermore the glimpse into the demon world was very interesting because Lewis did not fall victim to clich├ęs but instead painted a new picture of hell. Instead of the fire and brimstone image many of us have, he described hell as more of a cooperation whose goal is to derail people from a proper Christian walk. A+ in my book, or rather, Lewis'.