Monday, June 28, 2010

Irish Limerick

For my next poetry form, I chose Irish Limerick. It is a simple form, but slightly more complicated than Haiku because of the necessity for rhyme. It was surprisingly more difficult than I thought. I have never found sonnets to be too challenging, and yet limerick took me a little while to master. However, I feel that in the end I wrote a few clever limericks and I'm ready to move on. Here they are for your enjoyment:


They say it's my duty to vote.
To take it serious; not joke.
Is an elephant best for the country?
Should I lend my support to a donkey?
To me they both stink like a goat.

Global Warming

I heard the earth is getting warm.
We must switch from petrol to corn.
I just can't believe the reason.
For the current warming season.
Is cars and cow farts in the morn.

Woman & Men

Women say men can't understand.
Difficulties facing woman.
But a woman will never know.
What it's like for a normal schmo
Who's wife won't give it up to her husband.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I decided to practice a few types of poetry and started with haiku because, well, it's easy. 5, 7, 5 syllables. It is supposed to be in present tense and center on natural themes. I created some haiku about random junk, enjoy.

Soccer Haiku:

Ninety Minutes long
Clash of two teams both hoping
Only one will win

Let's go USA
Ninety minutes with no goal
Ninety one shoot score

Philosophical Haiku:

What is in a man?
Love hate war peace fear courage?
Defined by actions

What is good in life?
Gold and silver will tarnish
Family survives

Sun rises and sets
Wind blows leaves fall winter comes
Spring always returns

The Hunter will stalk
the Hunted will hide or flee
Each desire life

Love Haiku:

The Wife of my youth
From the first moment we met
My heart was all yours

My lover my wife
You are the light of my world
The sun and the moon

Always my best friend
I share everything with you
You are all I need

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Vacation?

I always look forward to summer because it is an opportunity to write and read and develop, but as usual it never seems to work out that well. So far I have spent 1 week teaching kids at Vacation Bible School (VBS) and watching the world cup (Go USA!). Not exactly productive. I have managed to finish reading a couple books, but I started them a couple months ago so I can't really count it as much of an accomplishment. I thought about writing some poetry again, only because it might help get me back into a writing mood. On a positive front, I received more encouraging feedback from folks who have read The Sureshot, but as usual it still has not translated into sales. I am waiting for another shipment of books and suspect I am going to sell a few this year because I have a more concrete plan to achieve sales. It turns out that sales are everything. Quality of work is debatable, sales are undeniable. So sales it what I'm going to focus on. That while welcoming another child into the world in a month and teaching again when school starts up. Busy. It is shocking sometimes, and a wonder I can get any writing done. We'll see how it goes this summer.