Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back to Work

With the Christmas vacation nearly through I have been writing and reading fairly consistently, although I admit to a bit of Playstation playing. I did not write much though on the various book projects I have been working on, but rather I have been writing lesson plans for my new class. I am going to be teaching American History at Roosevelt High School in Fresno for my final student teaching. It is a state requirement to do “student teaching” which is when a University student in the Teaching program goes into a classroom and takes over a couple of classes from the teacher there. I was so excited about it that I decided to write my own lessons right away despite having the option of using my master teacher’s lessons for the first unit, which is the Great Depression. I have so many ideas about it that I expect I will share some of the things that I am passionate about on this blog, which is quickly becoming more about book reviews and teaching than writing, but that is where I am at right now. Hopefully this spring and then this summer I will get back to writing some of the books that I have been working on.

Besides that I have been reading a bit which is evident by the reviews that I have written for this blog. I have a few more that I think I will do including some from my course work. I must have read about fifty books in 06. I think that maybe I will go back and count them all just because I am amazed that I am capable of reading so much. Right now I am reading Citizen Soldier by Stephen Ambrose. It is a book about WWII on the European front. I was hoping to finish it before I go back to school but that may not happen. Anyways, to all of my fans out there (all three of you) I am going to try to write something interesting every week along with various reviews etc. I am going to post my short story about boot camp, and maybe my essay about the Grapes of Wrath and some more poetry by popular demand (just for you Aunt Mary). Exciting isn’t it? I think so.

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