Friday, November 13, 2009


In an attempt to get some feedback on my query I have decided to post the gist of it here. I have written about half a dozen queries for the Sureshot 2 (as I'm still calling it) but none have secured representation. Maybe someone will have some advice on how to improve it. Still I am moving on and trying to complete another story to peddle that one in the hopes of breaking into what appears to be a tough industry.

Who is the Sureshot? Is he a hero or a paid assassin? Unfortunately even he does not know the answer.

My novel, Sureshot the Assassin is 100,000 words of adventure fantasy. It is character driven and yet full of action. At its core it is about identity and how environment and people shape who we are. Durbar the Sureshot rose to stardom because of his amazing skill with a bow. He became a champion out of isolation and obscurity. His family's history tripped him up however and through a series of events he was forced to serve as an assassin or face a worse fate. Reluctant and yet effective he eventually had to come to discover who he really was and own that identity, or risk permanently being an assassin. As he found out however, quitting is not always an option.

The story twists and turns, involves mysterious family dynamics and good old fashion adventure. It appeals to a young audience and also fans of adventure or fantasy.

I am a history teacher who studied at Fresno Pacific University and am in my third year as a high school teacher. I have been writing for years and this is my second completed novel. The first was publish with Tate Publishing, and I retain the rights to that work. Beside writing novels I had an article published in New Man a now online (was print) publication. I also take pride in writing the Christmas and Easter plays my church performs for the last three years

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