Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I have a problem. I have become very particular about what type of pen I will use. While I can tolerate inferior pens for many things, I cannot use just anything for serious writing. I hate writing in any color but black. In the army, we were only allowed to use black ink. Blue was "the air-force's color" as though only they were allowed to use it so it was black only. When I was younger (High School) I found that my hand writing sucked. It bothered me but I was never really able to figure out why it was so bad or how to make it better. I did notice however that the writing utensil made a difference. Wood pencils were good, but not mechanical ones. Pens...well...that was hit and miss. Flood or fountain pens seemed to make my penmanship worse. I took a liking to bic round pens; black. This is the only pen I like. I bought a couple packs of them a year or so ago and always managed to have a few around. A month ago I ran out. The one I was using ran dry and I was forced to find something else to write with. I thought I would eventually make it to a store to buy some more. I have been woefully disappointed. I have been completely unable to find the pen I want. Two drug stores and a target have let me down. Today I was in a CVS and found the pen I like in blue but not black. I finally broke down and bought some generic black ball point pens in the hopes that it will satisfy my need. I am not hopeful. I will let you all know if I get satisfaction. My writing career may be over if I cannot get a hold of the pen I so desire. It is that serious.

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