Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In the Mail

I sent my second manuscript to Tate Publishing for review, and also a paper copy to Tor which publishes a lot of fantasy genre books. I am hoping that Tor is interested in my book, but I am willing to give Tate a try at my second one. In all honesty I am not entirely pleased with them based on sales, and am frustrated that I have had 3 different marketing representatives in two years, but otherwise they have been helpful and friendly and I am thankful that they published my work, as amateurish as it was. I was also pleased that people who read my manuscript noticed that my writing has improved. I am still pursuing my goal of writing full time but in order to accomplish that, I am going to have to improve. Hopefully I am on the right track. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have faith in my work and hope others see some value in it. Writing I am finding out is like many of the other artistic fields; difficult. Artists, musicians, writers, and others all suffer the same challenges, doing what we love while supporting a family, or even one's self. Good thing I am a teacher too I guess.

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