Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Vacation is over

As a teacher I get a lot of time off. Every time, it seems, someone asked about when I was going back to work I got a sarcastic response. It got old but finally I am going back to work Monday. I am a little sad because I got a lot of things done over the break. I worked on the Sureshot some more, read four books and wrote two Easter dramas. Speaking of which, I had the honor of watching the Christmas drama I wrote which was in the form of a musical. It pushed me a bit to write song lyrics, and ultimately I feel as though I failed to write lyrics as a couple of the men at my church who are musical had to significantly alter them in order to make the end product worthwhile. Still, it was a fun project and I loved watching it. It is somewhat of an nerve racking process because I have a vision of how the play should look and yet the end product is out of my immediate control. This is the second one that I wrote then watched and both were pleasing. I even feel a bit guilty because it seems I have the easy part--writing. The acting, staging, memorizing of lines and all the other things that go into a play are far more difficult in my estimation. I can't bring myself to be honest when people congratulate me on the success of the production then inquire about how long it took me to write. I have written such things in a few hours, but I think people expect me to say days, weeks, or even months. I am not sure, perhaps I should investigate. Anyways, look for a series of posts this month as I share all of the "work" I was able to do while I wasn't working.

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