Monday, February 15, 2010

Book Review: Bold Fresh

Ok so I love politics. I hate it also but I can't seem to get enough of it so I find myself in a paradoxical position of being fond of something that also makes me mad. That said I enjoy Bill O'Rielly above all others on regular news programs. I find him honest and fair in his analysis. There are things he dislikes to be sure and he makes that known on his program but he allows others to say their perspective in spite of his own position. So my mother gave me some of his books for Christmas knowing both my affinity for books and passion for politics. On of them was Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity. It was good. I had even more respect for the man after the book because he truely is a man of principle and it shows in his show and his life story. It wasn't an autobiography in the classic (chronilogical) sense, but rather thematic. He worked through issues that we see face on a regular basis and how he responded to them in his life. Besides all that, he is funny. I mean, sometimes he is really funny. It was an enjoyable read and in a way inspiring. Thanks for the book mom.

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