Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ode to Bear Pascoe

This is my ode to my favorite Fresno State football player this year.

Bear oh Bear, where did you come from?
Bear oh Bear, where will you go?
While you are here, you are my hero?

The season nearly over, without much to show,
But one person shined; one person glowed.

I sat in my seat in the cold hard stands,
Amongst the other sad, sullen, Bulldog fans.

I scanned the players from left to right,
Looking for some hope, for some light.

Sure we had Wright, but he was leaving this year,
What in the future would give reason to cheer?

I watched the defense and studied the offence,
And found that one man stood taller than the rest.

Bear Pascoe is his name, from Porterville they say,
And more than anyone else, I enjoyed watching him play.

Once a quarterback, but now moved to tight end,
No matter where you are, your talents transcend.

The visitors kickoff and I see you blocking,
Little men challenge you but always end up stopping.

Then everyone but you trots off the field,
And the offense joins you so a drive you can build.

We run left and run right without much success,
Now the play calling will be put to the test.

A pass play! What an amazing sight!
And look! Up the middle! Bear Pascoe takes flight!

Tom throws the ball high up in the air,
Bear reaches up and grabs it with care.

With momentum like a boulder rolling down hill,
Bear bowls over defenders on his feet still.

Charging down field, a bulldog with a bone,
Bashing and crashing his way to the end zone.

Touchdown! I don’t believe it you did it again,
Keeping the team alive when the chances are slim.

Like a gladiator you hold your fist up high,
Then humbly line up to block for the try.

So I’ll keep watching and cheering for you,
Next year we’ll start again, expectations renewed.

I look forward to seeing you play again soon,
Flattening defenders and catching passes too.

Bear oh Bear, where did you come from?
Bear of Bear, where will you go?
While you are here, you are my hero.

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