Sunday, January 11, 2009

Book Review: Intellectual Morons

This was a very interesting book. The premise is that people are often blinded by ideology. The author gives copious examples of this phenomenon and they are sometimes shocking. I will spare you some of the more graphic ones and simply advise anyone to read this work. Here is a brief summary of what ideology will make people do. 1) People will lie to promote their ideology. 2) People will ignore evidence which is counter to their ideology. 3) People will attack anyone who does not agree with their ideology. 4) College campuses are rife with various ideologies.

It made me examine my own thoughts and leanings to wonder if I too follow some ideology without knowing it. After all, I went to college and could have been conditioned to believe something in spite of facts. After some interpersonal inspection however, I do not believe that I blindly follow an ideology for a few reasons. 1) I recognized and challenged several ideologies in college. 2) I loath lying and strongly value honesty. 3) I change my mind too often. If I find flaw in something I am doing or embracing I accept that it is flawed. I regularly find fault in books that I am inclined to like, people I am inclined to listen to, and especially important, my own speech, thoughts and actions.

Over all it is a good book which further encouraged me to promote independent thinking in my classroom, at whatever the cost.

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