Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have been reading like crazy lately. I do not know what came over me but as I near 30 I do not have as much desire to watch TV, but instead have enjoyed reading in my leisure time. In the last couple months I have read 6 books, having finished another last night. As part of my goal to write full time this can only help. I have heard it said that there are six things a person must do to become a writer. 1) read 2) read 3) read 4)write 5)write 6)write. If that is true, and it seems to make sense, then I am glad that I have gained such an appetite for reading lately. Mostly it is because I am reading something that I enjoy. I have also been writing a bit lately, though teaching takes a lot of time. I want to write "the day after the day the earth stood still," because I was so upset by the movie, so hopefully I can begin that sometime this week. Otherwise I am just busy with work again. Also I had my appendix out which was an adventure in itself but I will post about that later. Look for my next 3 book reviews, and a post about my appendix, also my short story about the day the earth stood still.


Anonymous said...

Hey Phil! Now that Jamey knows you have a blog, I'm sure he'll visit you frequently...hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, it's Penny, remember me? I just found this site on the internet and wanted you to know that i found it. i'm going to go out tomorrow and buy your book. I'm so excited for you!I hope you don't get upset with me contacting you, but I had to.

Anonymous said...

Iam addicted to your blog I just love everything you have wrote I can't seem to turn your blog off I'm so excited to get your book kyle and I are going to read it together. Well I am going to attempt to put myself to bed if I can peel myself away from ypur blog.