Monday, June 28, 2010

Irish Limerick

For my next poetry form, I chose Irish Limerick. It is a simple form, but slightly more complicated than Haiku because of the necessity for rhyme. It was surprisingly more difficult than I thought. I have never found sonnets to be too challenging, and yet limerick took me a little while to master. However, I feel that in the end I wrote a few clever limericks and I'm ready to move on. Here they are for your enjoyment:


They say it's my duty to vote.
To take it serious; not joke.
Is an elephant best for the country?
Should I lend my support to a donkey?
To me they both stink like a goat.

Global Warming

I heard the earth is getting warm.
We must switch from petrol to corn.
I just can't believe the reason.
For the current warming season.
Is cars and cow farts in the morn.

Woman & Men

Women say men can't understand.
Difficulties facing woman.
But a woman will never know.
What it's like for a normal schmo
Who's wife won't give it up to her husband.

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