Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Vacation?

I always look forward to summer because it is an opportunity to write and read and develop, but as usual it never seems to work out that well. So far I have spent 1 week teaching kids at Vacation Bible School (VBS) and watching the world cup (Go USA!). Not exactly productive. I have managed to finish reading a couple books, but I started them a couple months ago so I can't really count it as much of an accomplishment. I thought about writing some poetry again, only because it might help get me back into a writing mood. On a positive front, I received more encouraging feedback from folks who have read The Sureshot, but as usual it still has not translated into sales. I am waiting for another shipment of books and suspect I am going to sell a few this year because I have a more concrete plan to achieve sales. It turns out that sales are everything. Quality of work is debatable, sales are undeniable. So sales it what I'm going to focus on. That while welcoming another child into the world in a month and teaching again when school starts up. Busy. It is shocking sometimes, and a wonder I can get any writing done. We'll see how it goes this summer.

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