Wednesday, December 20, 2006

When Cold Bites

I wrote this poem and put it on Christmas cards a few years ago. It is a bit weak, but it is the only Christmas/winter poem I have. I still like it and I hope you do too.

Snow lightly falling on the frozen ground.
A forest full of animals all sleeping without a sound.
The wind sharply blows against a peaceful town.
A blizzard white mouse scurries with some bread he found.

Through it all the warmth of a fire burns strongly.
Thick smoke pours from a chimney and rises calmly.
Life beginning to stir inside a house slowly.
A family awakens from a soft slumber peacefully.

Outside a father is chopping wood to maintain a fire.
A mother begins to prepare a breakfast to cure any hunger.
The children wash their faces; eyes full of joy.
They return to their rooms to recover their toys.

Hot chocolate warms the families bellies.
The fire burns hot, and the food is extra tasty.
Outside the cold bites down especially nasty.
But it can’t touch a family warmed by love.

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